OBSESSION quartet was set up by four female instrumentalists, for whom graduating from the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw was only the beginning of their artistic explorations. First, they explored musical works gathered in Bibliotheque Nationale de France, then Max Gruebnau’s collection of works gathered at Gdansk-based library of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the meantime they not only searched through various music treaties by Johannes Ciconia, Vincenzo Manfredini and Theodor Adorno but also decided to look for new high-heeled shoes with red soles because they look so great on stage! And when they finally gathered all the ingredients necessary to concoct a memorable artistic experience, all they had to do was to spend 4279 hours and 24 minutes on practicing scales, passages, in particular trills in soprano register, on working out a synchronized intonation, articulation, a unique tone colour and especially adequate dynamic proportions.

Their program is a musical and humorous journey through the world of sounds which surround all of us, regardless of our musical preferences. Starting with the most exquisite sounds, taken straight from Gesualdo da Venosa’s madrigals, finishing with those less sophisticated, heard at your neighbour’s party last weekend.

The quartet, thanks to their intense perception of reality, tries to uncover the rules governing the world… or at least it provides unforgattable entertainment which leaves no one indifferent!